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We @ Elite Softwares Pune based Software Company since 2011 with more than 900 Clients and we developed more than 5000 Students for Self Employment in Web Development. We Specialize and work for School ERP, Institute ERP and College ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Software only.

It is being observed the IMPORTANCE of College ERP software, College Administrative, Principal, HOD, Teaching Staff as well students point of view. We, Elite Softwares provide Complete custom College ERP Software (“Product”) to automate education system starts from taking enquiry to generate leaving certificate (LC).

WHY Elite Softwares College ERP:

Proposed College ERP Software to enhance education to give them IT support. Using our custom ERP software product College can automate their system and provide atmost satisfaction to their students as well staff using 100% connectivity and hassle free day-to-day operations, which helps in their academic as well entrepreneurship growth.

Including Academic Syllabus Notes, more than 30 ERP Modules we are offering to College Management all Users (Admin, HOD, Accountant, Library, Transportation, etc.) as well students login

As everyone knows, syllabus is not enough, today's students need proper extraction; that is, practical implementation of the knowledge they have procured and just we trying to build professionals and while academic students can earn for that will arrange technical entrepreneurship workshops in Web Development.

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